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We are a brand new, up and coming small cake business located in Sydney and we are currently on the lookout for a freelance graphic designer to help us bring our brand to life! Currently, we are looking for a designer to create a logo for us to use on our marketing and web material. Future design projects are on the cards including branding characters etc, so if we hit it off with the right person we'd love to work closely with you on future material!


We are a young, dynamic group of Sydney creatives aiming to bring people devilishly different cakes with never-before-seen flavors! We need a logo design for our upcoming business 'The Magorium Cakery'. We provide a wide range of whimsical and unique themed cakes, sweets (including layered brownie slabs and fantastical cookie stacks), individual deserts, down-right-dangerous decorated donuts and custom made event cakes; all with an emphasis on wow-factor, and whimsically-wacky magic! Think Wonka, Zumbo, OZ, old fashioned candy stores, Alice in Wonderland (strange shapes) etc.


We require a detailed, custom logo including typography and visual illustration. We would like to see designs that use bright colours with lots of illustrations and our business name 'The Magorium Cakery', with inspiration taken from Wonka, a candyland, a child's imagination, circus, magic and fantasy. We would like to see a logo with our business name with lots of sweets, cakes, toys, circus animals etc exploding out of the words - as if the typography is some sort of magic vault. We'd also like the 'M' to have some sort of detailed branding to also be used as a stand alone simplified logo mark. The final design should communicate a magical, fun, upside-down cake shop, exploding with never-before-seen fantastical and whimsical treats and sweets for all ages! Our business name should really shine as lots of thought has gone into it. To understand the true meaning of the name, think a magical emporium filled with lots of sweets and cakes that toys make when they come to life at night with magic. We have also provided a few images to aid in your inspiration. Any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

We would love to see some of your previous work, and if possible a basic mock up design inspired by the above. We strongly encourage watermarks etc to protect your work before payment. As we are looking for something very detailed and specific, we feel we will need to see a draft design or at least something similar to what we are after before finalising the job.

We'd love to hear from you so please shoot through an email to pat******@******com + click to reveal with a few things about yourself including some work, and feel free to let us know how you usually like to work also. Good luck!